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Privacy Policy

Frequent Shopper Club's privacy policy is the Woolworths Group Privacy

Collection Notice

Notification of collection of personal information about Frequent Shopper Club Members and prospective members The purpose of this Collection Notice is to explain how we collect, use, store and disclose the personal information of Frequent Shopper Club Members and prospective members. The terms of this Collection Notice form part of the Terms and Conditions of your Frequent Shopper Club Membership. By registering as a Member or by utilising any Membership Facilities such as your card, or claiming any Member Benefit, you acknowledge and agree that we will collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the terms of this Notice. Terms not defined in this Collection Notice have the same meaning set out in the Frequent Shopper Club Terms and Conditions.

Who we are and how to contact us:

Woolworths Limited ABN 80 000 014 675. Frequent Shopper Club Members can email us at fsc@woolworths.com.au, write to us at Privacy Contact, Woolworths Limited, 1 Woolworths Way, Bella Vista NSW 2153 or call our contact centre on 1300 908 631 (our lines are open Monday to Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm Sydney time, excluding public holidays).

Collection from Members:

We collect personal information directly from you when you register to become a Member of Frequent Shopper Club. This information is collected on our New F.S.C. Member form and includes your name, contact details and date of birth. Some of the information we collect on the New F.S.C. Member form is necessary to open a Frequent Shopper Club account. If applicants for Membership choose not to provide this mandatory information, we will not be able to register them as a Member.

If Frequent Shopper Club Members do not permit us to collect the personal information needed by us to send them service-based communications (such as their email address) under the Frequent Shopper Club program, their Frequent Shopper Club Membership may be terminated.

We also collect personal information in the course of administering your Membership. This includes information about your shopping history, and whether you have taken up any of our offers or rewards. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Collection from others:

We collect personal information about Frequent Shopper Club Members from other persons or entities. For example, we collect personal information for marketing purposes from other suppliers of goods or services who, like us, have an existing relationship with Frequent Shopper Club Members. Such entities include suppliers of publicly available information and digital services used by Frequent Shopper Club Members (including social media platforms).

For purposes other than marketing, we collect personal information from persons and entities that assist or partner with us in supplying our goods and services to Frequent Shopper Club Members, administering and improving the Frequent Shopper Club program and conducting our business generally. These entities include insurers, providers of publicly available sources of information, delivery service companies, possible business sellers and buyers, third party data providers and our related bodies corporate.

At times, we combine different sets of data to add to the personal information we hold. An example of this is a history of a Member's transactions from use of the same payment card.

Collection under a law or order:

Many Australian laws authorise or require the collection of personal information about Frequent Shopper Club Members. These include taxation laws, corporations law (for example relating to our shareholders), anti-money laundering laws and privacy laws. We may also collect personal information about Frequent Shopper Club Members if we are required or authorised to do so by a court/tribunal order.

Collection purposes:

We collect personal information for the purpose of registering and administering a Member's account, to offer Member Benefits and Other Benefits, to conduct product and market research, to keep our records accurate and up-to-date, and to respond to Member's enquiries and complaints.

We also collect personal information to sell and promote our goods and services, and to improve and personalise our customer offerings. We do this by sending you.

Direct marketing communications (including emails, or personalised catalogues); or Tailored advertising (including banner advertisements on websites that you visit, and personalised advertisements on social media platforms) about products and services that may interest you.

Additionally, we anonymise or aggregate the personal information that we collect for the purpose of carrying out customer analytics. This helps us to understand our Member's preferences, interests, shopping patterns and behaviours so that we can improve and better administer the Frequent Shopper Club program, and more effectively personalise the experience of our Members and promote our goods and services.

We collect personal information for other purposes which are within Frequent Shopper Club Member's reasonable expectations or permitted by law.

Types of entities and persons for our usual disclosures: 

We disclose the personal information we collect about Frequent Shopper Club Members to other persons and entities. For example, we disclose personal information to:

our service providers (including to our information technology and marketing service providers) to assist us in carrying out our functions and activities;

entities affiliated with the Frequent Shopper Club program, which assist and support us in bringing you Member Benefits and Other Benefits;

to our related bodies corporate and to regulators or courts for compliance with the law or otherwise as legally appropriate.

We also disclose aggregated and anonymised information to third parties to assist us in carrying out research and analysis of customer attributes, behaviours and preferences. We use this analysis to inform our marketing activities and share it with third parties so that they, like us, can send you tailored advertising about products and services that may be of interest to you.

Access and correction:

The Woolworths Group Privacy Policy includes information about how Frequent Shopper Club Members may access the personal information we hold about them and how they may seek correction of it. You can obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy , or by using the contact details provided above.



Our privacy policy contains information about how individuals, including Frequent Shopper Club Members, may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and any registered APP code that binds us. It also contains information about how we will deal with any such complaint.

Overseas recipients:

We are likely to disclose personal information about Frequent Shopper Club members to overseas recipients. Our privacy policy provides information about the countries in which such recipients are likely to be located.

Changes to this Collection Notice:

We may change the terms of this Collection Notice from time to time. A copy of the revised Collection Notice will be available on the Website or can be obtained by calling the Contact Centre.

Last Updated:August 2016